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Extend approval module to work in Financial and Distribution screens

  • Sales Orders (will help approve quotes, orders with special discounts or pricing, approvals based on gross profit, etc)
  • AR Invoices (will help approving invoices generated from contract and project billing; approving refunds, etc)
  • AP Bills (uses different workflow now, would be good if it used the same mechanism as rest of the app)
  • AP Checks and Payments (we can already approve a bill for payment, however the person managing the cash flow also want to decide whether this payment should go out now)
  • Gabriel Michaud
  • Nov 3 2014
  • Shipped
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  • Olga Anisimovich (Product Manager Financials Team) commented
    23 Sep, 2018 07:32pm

    Dear voters and subscribers,

    I changed the idea status to Shipped because we have implemented approvals for all the document types listed in the idea description (except for AR Invoices).

    I have submitted a separate idea for approvals of AR invoices and memos:

  • dan_00 commented
    13 Apr, 2018 01:16am

    Please also extend approval module to Kit Assembly and Purchase Receipts.

  • Muhammad Zakky commented
    15 Nov, 2017 06:43am

    Hi John,

    It would be great to add approval maps on Issue, Transfer & Receipt. Is that possible?

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    2 Mar, 2017 02:36pm

    Status update:

    • Sales Order approval using approval maps was completed in Acumatica 5.1
    • AP Bill approval using approval maps was completed in Acumatica 6.0
  • John Loch commented
    2 Mar, 2017 12:36pm

    Thanks for the prompt response and suggestion Olga!

  • Olga Anisimovich (Product Manager Financials Team) commented
    2 Mar, 2017 11:57am


    we are adding an approval for outgoing payments. This feature is in development now. However, approval for invoices and credit memos in AR is not included into the road map for 2017. Meanwhile, if you have the Distribution Suite activated, you can approve sales order and credit memo on the Sales Orders (SO301000) form.

  • John Loch commented
    2 Mar, 2017 11:10am

    It logically makes more sense to approve things that you are losing money on or spending money on. Therefore I think it would be a great help to many clients using Acumatica, to have the ability to approve AR credit notes.

  • Hun Hoem commented
    28 Jul, 2016 03:09am

    Should assign approval on Checks and Payments, not the only bill.

  • Diane Grayson commented
    1 Jul, 2015 08:20pm

    I've been getting quite a few requests for the AP Bills approval too.

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    12 Jan, 2015 09:14pm

    I get a lot of requests specifically for approval routing for AP bills.