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Improve SA (Order with allocation) order type to make it more useful

1. Ability to prevent automatic allocation if an order goes on credit hold

2. Ability to prevent automatic allocation is an order is due to ship in more the X days (ex customer does a booking which will only ship in 6 months - you don't want to tie the stock right away, which is way the SA order type does by default if there's availability)

3. Ability to automatically allocate to oldest order (in FIFO fashion or to the corresponding order when using SO-to-PO) when a PO is received.

4. Custom processing screen for batch allocation supporting proportional

- Ability to filter orders by requested ship date

- Ability to filter to see only items received on a specific date

- Ability to filter by customer and location, customer class, salesperson, order priority

- Ability to include orders on hold or credit hold

- Ability to view line items that are already allocated (in case you would want to unallocate an order from the procesing screen)

- Automated calculation of allocation quantity: two modes are supported, FIFO or proportional. When using proportional allocation, system will look at order lines matching current criteria, and assign quantity based on the original order quantity. For example, if you have 2 orders, one with 50 and another with 75, system would allocate 40% to first order (50/125) and 60% to the second order (75/125)
  • Gabriel Michaud
  • Nov 3 2014
  • Future consideration