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Enhanced visibility of Contact information

CRM Customer Management / Contact Management enhancements:
The main areas are related to being able to navigate and use customer/contact information throughout the system - something we should absolutely nail, given it is one common database and system.  Specific areas:
  • ability to associate (add) contacts to key transactions/documents across the system including Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders.  Currently, the relation is with a main contact, or Attention, not directly with a CRM contact, even if there is a contact associated with the customer.  We have added a simple contact lookup to the Sales Orders screen, however there remain limitations with this.
  • further to the above, the ability to see all contacts with the system, and associate anywhere in the system - ie associate a contact, who isn't already attached to the customer, with a sales order.  This happens a lot - ie a contract project manager with company ABC may be the main shipping contact for a sales order shipped to customer XYZ's field location.  They want the ability to associate any contact within the system to a sales order (for example).  Without this, the same person would need to be entered many different times and associated to different customers/locations.
  • Contact association with projects - assign contacts, and roles, to projects - again, without having a prior association with a customer.  It is common that one project manager could be a key contact for many projects, all with different customers, and it is not practical to add/maintain this contact many times.
  • Central contact view - navigate to a contact and easily (ie many tabs) see anything associated with the contact - ie sales orders, quotes, shipments, purchase orders, projects, customers, vendors, etc.
  • Central customer view - navigate to a customer and see anything associated with it, including sales orders, quotes, invoices, projects
  • Central project view - navigate to a project and see anything associated with it - contacts, invoices, purchase orders, quotes, sales orders.
  • Murray Quibell
  • Jan 13 2015
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  • Ahmed Bahar commented
    July 15, 2016 19:55

    All these features would be great to have.