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Auto-refresh dashboard

Add option to set dashboards to refresh every x minutes on a timer - ideal for displaying in the office

  • Justin Leflaive
  • Jan 26 2015
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  • Amit Gupta commented
    27 Mar 12:45

    I would think either a per widget or whole dashboard refresh interval would work. If it's per widget, then there should be an option to over-ride and have it controlled by the whole dashboard interval. Additionally, the dashboard designer should have permissions to either allow/restrict users from changing the refresh interval. We would need a refresh of at least 5 minutes on certain dashboards.

  • Guest commented
    27 Mar 11:05

    I would just add a new field in the header of the Dashboard screen to capture the "Refresh Interval" in seconds. Zero would be no refreshing. Then when the Dashboard is being displayed the whole thing would refresh based on this setting (think this is pretty straight forward to do in JaveScript).

  • Tim Rodman commented
    April 10, 2019 17:28

    Someone did this using Power BI. Read about it here:

  • Tim Rodman commented
    February 06, 2017 20:26

    Have you tried using something like this Extension for Google Chrome?

  • Tim Rodman commented
    March 15, 2016 13:37

    Hi Justin,

    You might look into Power BI for this. It can pull from Acumatica using OData and it has a full-screen mode that is built for large monitors in common areas. It's also a much stronger dashboarding tool than the one in Acumatica. Finally, it's free for up to 1GB of data which is plenty for most dashboards.