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Improve the process of converting a Business Account to a Customer

Improve the process of converting a Business Account(BA) to a Customer, especially during the stage of Opportunity creation/conversion. At the moment, the process of converting a BA to a Customer is very manual, there is no quick way to do this like there is with Opportunities in EXO CRM.


  1. Create an Opportunity (CR304000). Fill enough fields to be able to save the Opportunity.
  2. Go into the Actions button and select Create Account. Specify a Business Account ID and Company Name or;
  3. Create a Business Account manually and attach to the opportunity in
  4. Go into the Products tab of the Opportunity and add an item that is going to be used on a Quote for this potential Customer. Once added, changed the Status of the Opportunity to Open.
  5. click on Create Sales Order from the Actions button. An error will pop up Prospect Account must be converted to Customer Account prior (sic) the creating of Invoice or Sales Order
Refer to a similar sort of scenario when creating a Quote from an Opportunity within EXO CRM, this is very user-friendly comparitively.


Workflow is interrupted by the step of converting a Prospect/Business Account into a Customer, unnecessarily.


Manually convert the Business Account/Prospect into a Customer prior to converting the Opportunity into a Quote.


At the point of Quote/Sales Order creation from the Opportunity, Advanced Business recognises the Business Account is still at the Prospect change and requests the user if they would like to convert the Prospect into a Customer. Given that all the required, unique fields for a Customer are already covered inside the Business account (with the surplus Customer fields covered by the default Customer Class) this should be a seamless switch.

  • Ada Jin
  • Feb 23 2015
  • Planned
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