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Allow override to cash discount taken amount and account number while entering payments

Users should be able to take cash discounts on AP documents even if the original AP document was not setup with the same amount of possible discounts.   So lets say you have an existing AP Bill for $100 and you discuss the AP with the vendor and come to an agreement that you can just pay $95 to payoff the bill.  You should be able to simply create a payment for $95 and take the $5 discount and allocate it to a cash discount of your choice.   This will also work well for write-offs without you having to create debit adjustment and saves a lot of time and extra unneeded steps.     On A/R payment receipt side, at least we have Write off reason codes.   we need this or something similar to A/R reason codes on AP side.

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  • May 24 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Kevin Sander commented
    04 Apr 19:39

    This is a needed feature!!!

  • Phoo Sone commented
    26 Feb 03:30

    We want to apply cash discount in AP- check and payments. We used and tested entry types and entered in Finance Charges under Check and payment tab. But this is only for Debit nature like expenses.  Pls develop applying cash discount in AP check and payment. It really needs for our companies.

  • Rebekah Helton commented
    April 16, 2019 22:02

    This should be added to AP and to AR as well. On the AR side, customers take discounts if they are close to the discount period, and it's not worth the extra effort to collect those discounts taken. It should be easy to override the discount taken at the time of payment entry. Perhaps attach security or an AR Preferences option to allow or disallow the ability to do so. And/or set a threshold of what an allowable discount override would be.

  • Tim Rodman commented
    March 29, 2019 00:46

    I'm working with a current Acumatica customer that would really like this functionality.

  • Pramod Pokharel commented
    October 08, 2018 13:36

    The AR payment and Applications form shows Cash Discount Taken in one tab but do not know how to activate it. I think its built with the feature which is required function for any accounting software. Please suggest if anyone know how to activate Cash discount Taken.


  • Mary Ma commented
    July 31, 2018 17:48

    The feature to be able to override to cash discount taken amount and account number while entering payments is definitely needed.

  • Gary Jensen commented
    January 25, 2018 18:28

    We need to be able to adjust for a cash discount in both ar and ap.  We can use the write off in AR but a cash discount would be much easier and flows better.  We should not lock users out of this function just because the wrong invoice terms were applied to the invoice.  Another solution would be to allow users to edit AR invoice terms while the invoice is open but not paid.