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Simpler way to back fill 1099 information

You're implementing Acumatica mid year, you need a simpler way to upload previous 1099 information without importing transactional information into the system. it's too cumbersome as it stands.

  • Mike Aichinger
  • Jun 8 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Buck Brignac commented
    17 Feb 15:20

    WOW !  This was identified back in 2015 and the product still does not have this capability.  Major problem when trying to sell Acumatica against the competition.  This has to get fixed soon!

  • Joe Young commented
    September 25, 2019 19:42

    There needs to be some way to adjust 1099 balances by vendor.

  • Tanya Kratzer commented
    January 30, 2019 16:04

    Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL had a simple edit button on the form. This is terrible and time consuming. Must be PRIORITIZED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  • Guest commented
    January 16, 2019 00:45

    In addition, the instructions that Acumatica provides for editing/correcting a 1099 form are not practical or feasible in the real world.  We have clients who have hundreds of invoices and checks on some vendors per year.  If they forget to mark the vendor as a 1099 vendor and realize at the end of the year that the vendor should get a 1099, Acumatica's instructions are to reverse all Bills and Checks entered to the vendor, enter the invoices again with the 1099 info and reissue checks.  In what world does this work for anyone?  Not in my world.

  • Melanie commented
    January 07, 2019 22:31

    I just learned that I can backfill the box number on the AP bill so forget what I wrote below :)

  • Melanie commented
    January 07, 2019 06:00

    I mixed up initializing a 1099 balance from legacy and fixing an incorrect 1099 bill. However, the way to correct a paid 1099 bill is not good. A client may have paid many many invoices before learning that the vendor requires a 1099 form. I have reversed an AP application manually and it requires a specific set of steps that are difficult to replicate in import scenario.  The solution to enter a correcting bill, reversing the application of the original bill, applying the new bill to the payment and then reversing the original bill is too much work.

  • Melanie commented
    January 07, 2019 05:41

    This post is several years old and I do not see an update in 2018R2. I would like to point at that even though this works to populate the 1099 balance for the vendor, it messes up the vendor history report. Let's say a vendor was not setup properly during the year and was paid $1000. In order to initialize the value into the 1099 box, I would enter the QC method and reverse the GL impact. Then, on the vendor history report, it will appear that payments = $2,000. I agree with the idea to allow editing in the 1099 vendor history screen.

  • Don Cumbie commented
    December 11, 2018 17:43

    The ability to edit the 1099 Vendor History screen AP405000 would be very helpful when migrating vendor 1099 history/amounts from their legacy system to Acumatica!

  • Jennifer O'Brien commented
    August 29, 2018 14:54

    There should be a way to report on 1099 data at any point in time as well as to be able to correct anything that is incorrect.  I would agree that the 1099 features are not adequate.

  • Gary Jensen commented
    July 12, 2017 15:17

    With out an edit function the 1099 functionality is a useless feature.  Companies forget or do not know a vendor is subject to the 1099 rules until end of year.  No way to update historical data.  It would be easy to have a quick reconciliation form showing all vendors setup with 1099 and the current amount.  The user can change either the current year amount or last year amount.  

  • Guest commented
    January 06, 2017 16:26

    Not being able to alter the 1099 amounts anywhere makes printing 1099s from Acumatica impossible.  The fact that you cannot alter on the AP bill whether or not that specific bill is 1099able or not is also a glowing problem.

  • Rick Baccari commented
    November 14, 2016 20:34

    The 1099 process needs a manual adjustment process - in some instances it is necessary to report "in-kind" types of income - these are not represented necessarily as a check to the 1099 recipient - vehicle lease benefits as an example