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Allows 1 same contact to be able to attach to many business accounts.

Currently after choosing a contact in one Business Account, it can't be chosen for other Business accounts anymore. We have cases where this 1 particular contact is the same contact for different related/non-related Business accounts and we have to create many same contacts to add to each Business Account.

  • Valerie Ho
  • Oct 26 2015
  • Rejected
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  • Robert Voorheis commented
    October 28, 2019 18:04

    This is also a problem for my company.  We work with a wide range of schools and districts, and there is frequently a single contact that manages more than one school in the district.  In many cases these schools need to be quoted and invoiced as separate business accounts, so Opportunities and Sales Orders need to be linked to each individual school.  So we're stuck in the same situation as the others.  The relations are purely informational and are not particularly helpful for our CRM or Order Management workflows.

  • Kevin Gartly commented
    November 30, 2018 18:00

    The problem with relations is that they do not show anywhere but on that tab so they are not visibly obvious in the screens where they are used.  If by relating to another Business account the contact was then also listed on the contacts tab of the related business account (ie: customer or vendor contacts tab to be specific) then that would help!

  • Daryl Bowman commented
    July 30, 2018 13:20

    This is extremely important to us.  We are an accounting firm with many clients who have several entities related to them.  For instance, one client in particular has approximately 10 LLCs.  We created a Business Account for each, but also are forced to create 10 duplicate contacts.  Trying to maintain data integrity on many duplicate contacts is ridiculous.  Also, when using the Outlook add-in to attach email, if two or more contacts have the same email address, all emails from that address go to the first contact the system finds.  There is no way to pick which 'duplicate' contact they should be related to.  Please do something about this!

  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    October 09, 2017 05:45

    This will make the data model in CRM quite complex. Consider using the Relations instead. You can add relations (links) from a contact to any number of business accounts and vice versa.