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Recognizing Demand on stock components of "Non-Stock Kit Items"

While implementing Meridiem Lighting ( a wholesale distributor of lighting fixtures to the hotel industry), we discovered a functional gap that we believe is worthy of reporting to your team.


We noticed that “Non-Stock Kit Items” which have “Stock items” as components ignore standard inventory rules when it comes to recognizing demand on the stock components. I am familiar with other mid-market ERP solutions that have “Sales Kit” functionality with the concept that the parent item is a phantom item used for bundling components for pricing purposes. Acumatica kind of recognizes this by showing both the parent item and the components on the “Pick Ticket”. Additionally, for “Stock Kit items” Acumatica provides the capability of recognizing demand on the components upon the entry of the quantity to be assembled during the “Kit Assembly” task. By ignoring the inventory rules for “Non-Stock Item Kits” , the following functionality is missing for these item types:


  1. No visibility on sales order as to whether we have available stock of components to fill this order.
  2. No demand recorded against the stock components which will distort the status of the inventory availability and negate the user’s ability to determine cumulative demand for these items.
  3. No ability to use inventory replenishment functionality (i.e – Min/Max) to replenish these stock components.
  • Guest
  • Nov 20 2015
  • Shortlisted
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  • Guest commented
    29 Jan 20:44

    Glad to see that this has been shortlisted. Right now, you have zero visibility into the replenishment demand for Non-Stock Kits here. Honestly, every users working for a Distribution company should be voting for this functionality.

  • Eric Velkly commented
    05 Jan 01:15

    We went live 3 weeks ago and desperately need this functionality.  Kits are a major pain point and have caused numerous delays in fulfilling sales orders.

  • Guest commented
    December 18, 2019 01:46

    We are running into the same issue with a current implementation.

    The customer would like to be able to adjust the quantity of a part in a NS kit on a SO, or substitute it for something else.

    They are also frustrated with the lack of visibility of part availability in NS kits on a sales order.

  • Gregg Mercede commented
    July 19, 2018 15:00

    We have a prospect that will need this

  • Guest commented
    February 08, 2017 15:30

    The most flexibility would be to have options to use the Non-Stock Kit price or roll up the price from the components.

    Some customers might prefer that the components are hidden from the customer documents and only the pick list shows the components. Some might prefer that the components be shown on custom documents so they should have that option as well.

    some may need the ability to modify the components; e.g. the red widget is out of stock so substitute the blue one.


    JAAS would use this feature with our Product Configurator to create kits on the fly for Virginia Diner client.

  • John Masi commented
    June 16, 2016 00:25


    We are running into the same issue right now.  Have you come up with a solution or heard if this is slated to be addressed?