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Ability to merge customers/vendors, not just prospects

Currently it is not possible to merge customers/vendors together under the Duplicate Checking in the Business Accounts screen, only Prospect -> Customer/Vendor

Many times during CRM implementation, the client has a need to be able to merge existing duplicate customers into one.

Extending the merge functionality to allow Customers/Vendors as both the source and destination would resolve this issue.

  • Jeff Williams
  • Feb 9 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Ellie commented
    12 Aug 13:39

    Are there any updates on this very desired feature?

  • Jeff Pappas commented
    August 12, 2019 18:39

    Many times for our company, we don't actually have sales to one of the customers, just quotes and contact information.  It would be great if at least these customers could be merged until you get a full merge working.  Like another user said, pretty much every other accounting/CRM system has this functionality!

  • Kevin Ayler commented
    August 05, 2019 02:03

    I suppose in some ways this is somewhat achievable by making the "Merge To" the parent of the business account and the "Merge From" the child. [Duplicate] Locations could certainly be and issue. I'm sure it's not as easy just by changing all documents from the "Child" to the "Parent" given logic and such.

    Perhaps another way to approach this is expanding Child/Parent relationships on being something other than consolidated balances while being able to close duplicate "children" as duplicates.

  • Kevin Gartly commented
    July 26, 2019 15:28

    Doug, thanks for the detailed response.  In the "other" ERP that I have worked with the user manually selects (or can import) the customer or vendor ID they want to merge and then the customer or vendor ID that they want to merge into.  In this case the customer / vendor master record of the "into" side of this stays the same - no changes.

    Locations have their Customer / Vendor Key updated so as to show up now under the merged customer / vendor record.  Duplicate locations and payment methods would either be ignored/dropped and logged or renumbered.

    All transactions have their customer / vendor key field updated to history is linked to the merged vendor.

    The painful part for sure is recalculating any stats tables and the open balance totals on the customer / vendor master, but this is what the other system does.

    It is a challenging task, but hopefully the dev team will reconsider at some point.

  • Guest commented
    July 26, 2019 15:23

    This response is just simply wrong. Almost any other accounting software has solved this very basic need. 

  • Douglas Johnson commented
    July 26, 2019 15:11

    Acumatica Community - thank you for your enthusiasm regarding this important item.

    Currently this is not scheduled for a release due to the complexity of this seemingly simple task. When we start the merge process, we need to consider the following:

    1. Set criteria for identifying duplicates or manually identifying accounts to merge.

    2. Define merge criteria - when fields differ, what do you retain on the surviving entity.

      1. Locations

      2. Payment methods

    3. Managing history

      1. Sales Orders, Service Orders

      2. Payments

      3. Invoices

    4. Managing open balances and documents

      1. Sales Orders and quotes

      2. Payments, credits, and invoices

      3. Service Orders

      4. Contracts

    5. Consolidating balances

    The CRM team is currently working on improving the de-duplication process for records without balances (leads/contacts/business account prospects).

  • Guest commented
    May 24, 2019 23:27

    With 97 votes I don't understand why it has not moved up the "to-do" list. In the current business climate there are many companies consolidating, and merging, that this is a must.

  • John Gabrys commented
    March 28, 2019 20:56

    Is this ever going to be developed?

  • Joe Young commented
    December 03, 2018 18:20

    Is this planned for development?

  • Steve Lemmler commented
    November 01, 2018 13:25

    Just one thing to consider on the Merge of customer. If you are implementing the Salesforce integration, it may be difficult since each customer is synced to a business account in salesforce. If you merge the custoers, it may not makes sence on the Salesforce side. It needs to be addressed on both sides.

  • Admin
    Feedback Admins commented
    October 03, 2018 19:16

    To better understand requirements and gather feedback prior to to development, please apply to attend:

    Focus Group: CRM Data Deduplication and Management

    Date / Time:  Tuesday, October 23 @ 8an PDT / 11am EDT

    To Apply: fill out form at (partner/customer password required)

  • Michelle Taylor commented
    June 21, 2018 21:59

    Highly needed functionality for an accounting system!  Thanks

  • Rebekah Helton commented
    March 10, 2018 00:58

    This feature exists in competing packages and should be available in Acumatica. The most common reason I've seen this required is if the same customer/vendor company is set up twice in error.

  • dan_00 commented
    November 28, 2017 05:21

    The need to be able to merge two customers is also an issue for us, as we have a number of duplicates. Thanks for your suggestion Tim as to deactivating the lesser used customer for now, we'll do this until the idea is implemented.

  • Tim Rodman commented
    October 02, 2017 15:32

    This would be great to have. You can rename a Customer/Vendor which is great, but the best thing I can think of right now is to deactivate one and use the other one going forward. The problem with this is that you don't get the merged history.

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